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The Immortal Doug Feaver Stikes Again


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I'd say, best deal for $5 I've seen in quite some time

Doug Feaver is well known all around the country for genuine shows that have won him a solid and dedicated following. Every show is a unique experience. A powerful and passionate performer who plays his songs straight from the heart. Feaver is famous for frenetic fret-work and his barnstorming harmonica attacks.

A woodsman romanticist; living so many lives. Broken boy folk of T.LeChe. Whether its loss of love, finding it, needing it, existential angst or experimental folk blues, T.LeChe is prolific and diverse in his writing and performing.

Bob Wiseman (formerly of Blue Rodeo) is hard to pigeonhole outside of being a musical genius, having recorded music varying from avant-garde to political pop. In recent times he has been making films, videos and flash animations. Thursday's performance will have Bob showing these shorts whilst accompaning them vocally and on piano, accordian, guitar. Bob's friend Becky Johnson also will be adding some magic to this evening's performance.

all for only $5!

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Doug Feaver, Bob Wiseman and T LeChe @ PJC this Thursday April 7th. Be there or else and that especially means you Esau.

I'll be there,I am in dire need of some live Doug Feaver & last time Bob was at PJC it was incredible.What a great combo in my opinion.

Never heard of T LeChe but I imagine if he's on the bill with Doug & Bob,then its music right up my alley.

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ahhh i was set to go to this show but now with the hootenanny tour being on the same night and all at the casbah... i just don't know. ::

well, I'll be at Pepperjacks if that helps ya make up your mind any ;)

you should at least come down and catch Bob Wiseman's set KevO, be good to hear your tales of the west and you'd like Bob's weird movies and funny songs

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well, I'll be at Pepperjacks if that helps ya make up your mind any

that settles it then, i'm going to the casbah! ;)

hehe just jokin. it would be great to see ya again! also i've wanted to see bob wiseman for a long time now. is he opening? i am actually most likely going to the casbah (plans sorta already set with some friends) but i might try to swing by pj's earlier on.

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