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bonnaroo ADDITIONS ROUND 5 w/ Bob Weir & Ratdog


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We are pleased to announce the following additions to the Bonnaroo 2005 lineup:

Bob Weir and RatDog

Signal Path

Heartless Bastards

Josh Ritter

Tickets for the 2005 Bonnaroo Music and Arts festival are on sale now through Bonnaroo.com.

Complete festival information is also available at Bonnaroo.com, which will be continually updated.

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Damn it gets better and better everytime i hear about it, sh!t!

No way i could pull off that trip though....

Yeah, I hear ya. I was really excited to do it all again when it was originally announced. However, Guigsy was kind enough to remind me of all of the negatives I had blocked out from last year (wading in sewage, etc). So I think I'll pass. Besides, I want to keep my coins in Canada and away from the war machine. ::

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haha... come on now, really, who cares what i think? i've never even been. i really hope you're not basing your decision on my comments... i just couldnt figure out why you were excited, considering all the horror stories you told me when you got back. thats all. giving it a 2nd chance is one thing, but trying to rally the same people who only heard negatives about it, from you, was just weird to me.

"oh really, it was that terrible? sure i'll go..."

riiiiiiight.... ::

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Ha ha ha. Okay, I hear ya there Guigsy. I don't know why I thought you'd go for my this-tastes-like-sh!t...here-try-it mentality. You're the one who points out the embarrassing things I do, remember? "That show was in 2003 eh?" LOL

It was an ordeal, but when the announcement came out I had my blinders on. You are right *blush*, that's all I was trying to say. :P

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