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CAUTION JAM in Toronto this Saturday!!


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How about cookies? My darling mother was nice enough to make some of her infamous chocolate chip cookies for ya Mark. :DRoberta rawks!!!

Okay, so team Benson Ave. is ready to go. Just waiting on Rheatardo to get here from Mississausage. Kimmer, Brian and I are warming up our livers. Muchos gratias (correct Meggo?) to Sanchezmo for allowing me to stay at her house again after last weekend's riotous display. Even with you guys in Simcoe. So brave (foolish?). :P

Hope to see all those smilin' TO faces out tonight. Giddy up!

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Thank for a good time....

set 1: tennesse jed,west la fadeawy>physco killer>thats what love will make you do,althea,another brick in the wall part2>us blues

set 2:viola lee blues>samson and delilah,it hurts me too,loose lucy,jay cleary sits in and plays an original song,bertha

enc:round and round

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So after 11 years of living in this city I finally see Caution Jam. I won't say it was worth the wait, because in point of fact I shouldn't have been waiting, but it was worth it. Beautiful chemistry onstage, and musically gifted up the wazoo, and playing my favourite songs to boot. Sorry not to have caught the end, but I was kind of falling over, and had still to contend with an uphill bike ride home.

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