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sweet Dead show for April 8


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well then, how's abouts that show's somewhat more psychedelic younger brother (from the very next day)

Grateful Dead, April 8, 1971 - Boston Music Hall

another sweet show... few spliced tape sounds to put up with but more than worth it (worth downloading and editing the audio as someone recommends in the show's comments... Sound Forge here I come)

Grateful Dead Boston Music Hall 4-8-71




Disc One - Set One

1. Truckin'

2. Bertha

3. Next Time You See Me

4. Playing In The Band

5. Loser

6. Tuning

7. Beat It On Down The Line

8. I Second That Emotion

9. Sugar Magnolia

10. China Cat Sunflower >

11. I Know You Rider


Disc Two - Set One Cont.

1. Casey Jones

Set Two

2. Dark Star >

3. Saint Stephen >

4. Not Fade Away >

5. Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad >

Jam >

6. Not Fade Away

7. Sing Me Back Home


Disc Three - Set Two Cont.

1. Cumberland Blues

2. Greatest Story Ever Told >

3. Johnny B. Goode

4. Dead air

5. Good Lovin' > Drums > Good Lovin'

Quite a few tape splice sounds

throughout the show.

d2t3 actually has 42 seconds of darkstar before st. stephen starts.

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