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Favourite sing along songs...

Kaidy Mae

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A friend of mine asked me today what my favourite songs were to sing around the campfire. He's gearing up for festival season and is looking for suggestions for tunes with audience participation, etc.

I suggested the usual Rocky Raccoon, Uncle John's Band, etc. Although I'm torn between Alex's versions of Baby Snakes and Don't sh!t Where You Eat as my favourite sing alongs as of late. They were both hits at my annual SnowCops party. You remember that Mousey? LOL Or by that time were you still trying to figure out how you ended up in the furnace room? ::

There were some nice campfire jams after the boat cruise last year. Perhaps Crissinger, Feff or Kimmer can help me remember if they see this. ::

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It's Bed of Roses for me. This song has so many single fist pull downs, definately a really fun tune to sing along to.

Think about it, run the song through your head for a sec...

I wanna lay you down in a bed of roses

For, tonight (insert slowly rising rock fist here) I sleep on a (fist slowly pulls down here) bed of nails...

(my personal favourite ROCK lyrics coming up)

I wanna be just as close as,

the Holy Ghost is...

Rock takes on a whole new meaning when they think they've seen the light...either that, or nothing else would rhyme. Like what was he supposed to say, "I wanna be just as close as, your tampons and your douche is..."

Now I'm starting to think...How the hell close is the Holy Ghost...is this getting wierd...wait...am I trying to get to the deeper meaning of fu©king Bon Jovi Lyrics?

Somebody get a baseball bat and put me out of my misery.

Rock got no reason, rock got no rhyme.

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Street Sleeper - Grand Theft Bus

haha, that is a good one..and even though I am sick of some of these songs, they have proven themselves time and time again that they get the crowd singing.

eyes of the world - dead

ahead by a century - hip

new orleans is sinking - hip

change- blind melon

8 days a week - beatles

elderly woman or Black - pearl jam

patience - guns n roses

karma police - radiohead



stick shifts and safety belts - cake

mr jones - counting crows

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