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guaranteed to impress all music downloaders


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Interesting site thats for sure,looks like a good resource.

Depressing though,that people still use the word "bootleg" for trade friendly music.Unfortunatley,too many people (mainly RIAA) percieve "bootleg" as it is defined,which isn't a good thing.


Sorry to be a downer on this,I just wish that word would disappear when describing music download sites or shows that are trade friendly.Especially in light of EZTorrent being forced to shut down & traders den rumored to be next....

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There's a Beastie Boys show on there from Manchester that has me very happy right now. Mixmaster Mike is so effing good.

Nice Modest Mouse / UC show, and lots of Franz Ferdinand that I'm liking now...

Firefox users: There is an extension available called 'DownThemAll' which comes in pretty handy for stuff like this... Instead of downloading one mp3 at a time you can download ALL (or just some if you're a wuss) the mp3s at one time.


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SWEET!! Two Ugly Casanova Shows...But what's the deal http://www.acousticwood.net/extramile.html requires a username and password to DL the files. I'm signing up for the forum and emailing the guy to see what I can find out. I want those shows, in the meantime I'll check out the Paracite Sessions that I found here http://modestmouselive.zeromethos.com/

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