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Taxes HELP cont.


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So even after all the helpful advice from the board. I went ahead and got H&R Block to do my taxes, just because I wanted the money immediatly. Well things have gone from bad to worse to just plain ugly. At first they wanted 25 bucks up front to process info from 2003 (student loans) that they themselves told me not to include last year because i should save it for a year when i'm not getting that much money back(ie: this year)SO that sucked but then we came to a MAJOR roadblock it appears the fed gov't is withholding my return until i pay back the money owing on a student loan that has gone to collections, a loan i have recieved no documenation on had forgotten all about. So anyway the outstanding loan is taken care of but the computers at H&R block sill say that the fed gov't is still taking my return. And my return cannot be finished until that message is gone from their computer.

Has ANYONE ever been in a similar situation? if so what did you do, who did you call, what form did you fill out? H&R has no idea what i should do, neither does the fed gov't....HOW THE HELL DO I MAKE THAT COMPUTER UNDERSTAND THAT THE LOAN IS TAKEN CARE OF AND TO GIVE ME MY DAMN MONEY!!! ::

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