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A pretty crazy read...http://www.alternet.org/drugreporter/21673/


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beautifully written piece

really enjoyed the part about searching out every legal high the bulk stores had to offer... opens that pandora's box of why some people are so desperate to get high during youth... trying every pill in the medicine cabinet also hits pretty close to home

On a field trip to Washington , D.C., Nancy Reagan promised us third-graders that there were people in the world who actually wanted nothing more than to give us drugs--for free! Free crack. Free cigarettes and beer. Free grass. Free coke. Free PCP and LSD.

I played lots of kickball, but no goon in a trench coat ever trapped the ball under his foot and asked me if I wanted to fly. I bought ice pops and Fat Frogs from every Good Humor truck around but never got anything but chubby. I obviously was hanging out with the wrong crowd--something I distinctly remember the first lady warning us about. My friends couldn't score a Jolt cola, let alone a bump of nose candy.


gonna take buddy a lot more than 2 weeks to shake that lifestyle but I hope he does, he's been down that road now... or maybe write a book that lets him afford to take it up a notch as the tea sounds pretty nasty... while I'm a sucker for tragic habits that made me less likely than moreso to check out a 'GENEROUS MIX OF 5-9" PODS! 60 DRIED POPPY PODS!' anytime too soon

enjoyed reading that and so wish the guy the best out of appreciation... thanks guy

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Good read but its damn pathetic really to read about how desperate a person can get to get high...although I do agree with him on one single statement he made.Actually hit the nail right on the head.

I didn't have the lubricated jaws of a chatty coke fiend or the mystical misconceptions of a psychedelic spaceman.

Can't count how many times I have had someone (usually high) try & justify sh!t like doin crack or herion as a good life experience.

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