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The Yonder Mountain String Band


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YMSB rocks.

this show has been a favorite of mine for years.

11/2/2000 you can fid it on nugsnet.

Set One


Jesus on the Mainline>Elzic's Farewell>Jesus on the Mainline

Rag Mama


Roughneck Blues

Roll on Blues

Ely Renfro

Country Boy Rock 'n Roll

If I Lose

Peace of Mind


Peace of Mind

Set Two


Ramblin' In the Rambler

stage banter

Ground Speed

Red Rocking Chair

On the Run

Yes She Do (No She Don't)


Half Moon Rising

stage banter

Pow Wow

The Indian Boy

Cry Holy Unto My Lord

Keep On Going

New Speedway Boogie

You are My Sunshine

Keep On Going


stage banter

Mother's Only Son

*"Groundspeed" through "Telluride"

with David Grisman on mandolin

**"On the Run" through Telluride" and "Mother's Only Son" unplugged

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"IT DOESN'T LOOK LIKE THEY COME UP NORTH TO OFTEN"were the first words i read whilst enteriung this post ,words scribed by the initiator of thread who lives in OTTAWA (i think).Myself,well i am on t'other side of the pond in MANCHESTER,LANCASHIRE ,oh how the wrinkles attack my face whenever i see a festival advertised over in the U.S especially since bluegrass has become the common denominator as far as Jam Bands go,my god this years bash at TELLURIDE could possibly be worth the 100's of festys and 1,000's of gigs i have attended since 1971 .Don't believe what you may read these days there is only one festival worth visiting on these shores "CAMBRIDGE FOLK FESTIVAL" now in it's 43rd? year and bringer of so many inspirations to myself.This years treat is defiatley MARY GAUTHIER whom along with HAYSEED DIXIE would do just nicely ,yet i know i shall arrive home raving about some newly discovred minstrel or minstrels.As for the YMSB i was a devottee already when i had the good fortune to "shake my booty" and after the set spend 30 mins in deep conversation with these young lads,I guess it was 2001 already with at least 4 years experience under there belt mhaving 47 yrs of my own i guess the boys average age to be around 24/25 I had encouraged a "rilly"good buddy to make thepilgramige this said year and rather despondently he dragged himself down to the stage about noon (more for my benefit i guess)as soon as was polite i:e the break in between 1st and 2nd song i was greeted with a grin from here to ear accompanied by WHEW being muscians ourselves it had made a massive impact on "my friend" a lover of irish /celtic sounds ,so when JOHN PRINE=IRIS DEMENT-ROSSANNE CASH -(and the set that blew me away ROBERT RANDOLPH (had i not seen it i think you would have had a hard time convincing me "it was a pedal steel" that sounded vaguley like JIMI HENDRIX'S gtr)

I hope i am correct in refering to the 3 piece (banjo-mandlin-gtr (no there are def 4 of them i think fiddle?) Having just snaffled the new release live tracks 3 of C.M.T.COM those good people stream a doz or so pre released albums for about a month prior to there release "so's you no what your buying(or if you are of a meagre incomei see nothing wrong in copying them (i had not heard MARY GAUTHIER until last month and she is going to be the highspot of camb 2005.My point after listening to YMSB latestoffering the improvement in there ,well everything is unbelievable ,i thought they were tight 3/4 yrs ago Much much tighter and they exhude confidence which very quickly crept into the crowds feet and hips that sat afternoon.Apolocies for the much tangented "essay"i simply wanted to empathise with my poor friend in Ottawa and add if i were anywhere near the land mass christened UNITED STATES (oh yeaaah!) a little travlling /lotta travellin ,in fact I WOULD HAVE THE TRAVELLIN BLUES"

God Bless


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If you plan on seeing them this summer, you're in store for a treat. Looks like SCI Fidelity recording artists are hitting the road and coming together for shows here and there...festys included. The acts will include Umphreys, Keller, YMSB, RRE, New Monsoon and of course.. SCI ;o)

I wonder if VISA will sponsor me this summer?

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