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Stephen Franke & NFTT: Upcoming shows in April!


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Greetings Fellow Earthlings,

We just wanted to pass on the word of some shows we have coming up. If you're around, please come out and support the music. We come a long way from home to do this thing we do and it's always so nice to make these shows mean something. Anyways, here's the dates:

Tuesday April 12th, 2005: Kingston ON, The Elixir w/ Jim Byrnes and Zubot & Dawson

Wed April 13th, 2005 : Peterborough ON, TBA (a coffee house gig, but duuh, I don’t know the name. I’ll post it tomorrow on the site)

Thurs April 14th, 2005: Montreal, QC, Upstairs Jazz Club , 1254 Mackay st), early show from 8-midnight

Sat April 16th, 2005: Ottawa ON, Café Dekcuf, w/ ottawa’s own ‘Jacob Two-Two’

Wed April 20th, 2005: Hamilton ON, Club 77, backing up the legendary John Scofield

Thurs April 21st, 2005: London ON, Fanshawe College: Lunch hour show

Thurs April 21st, 2005: Guelph ON, Manhattan’s Jazz Club, early show, music from 8-midnight

Fri April 22nd, 2005: Sudbury ON, guess where…The Townehouse

Sat April 23rd, 2005: Toronto ON, The Gladstone Hotel, 1214 Queen st. W w/ High Plains Drifter, music from 10pm-1am

(A show in Victoria BC: Friday April 29th, 2005: Victoria BC, Hermann’s Jazz Club, 753 View st. Early show, from 8-midnight)

Ciao, Stephen


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Anyone know what the start time is...I was sure it was posted but can't seem to find it? I know I'm working job #1 tommorrow day. I might be working job#2 tommorrow evening which is right around the corner from the venue...time,time,will I have time to change or do I run over in my silly monkey outfit?

As usual, Deckuf states that the doors open at 8pm, but they haven't posted a start time for the actual show. Since there's an opening act (Jacob Two-Two), I'd guess that the first band would go on around 10pm, buuuuttt Franke is supposed to do two sets, one upstairs, one downstairs (even though there are bands downstairs), so they might have things start earlier than normal to accommodate the between-set moving times.

On the other hand, things could change at the last minute (say, if Dekcuf gets its license back [he said, hopefully]), and we might be on a regular timetable, or something completely different.

My advice is to work the shifts you have to, then haul mass to Dekcuf in your monkey suit; bring a change of clothes with you, and de-monkey in the ladies' room. Alternately, maybe arrange to call someone (who'll be at the show with a cell phone) after your shift to see if whether things are underway or not.



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