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STRING CHEESE INCIDENT - Whistler - April 8 2005


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I remember when I was younger, and we would fantasize about the Grateful Dead or Phish playing a gig in our neighbourhood, and it would be outside and for free, and people would come from everywhere...

Sure, never gonna happen, right? Well, you may be right about The Dead or Phish, but yesterday afternoon SCI came to my little mountain town, and played 5 minutes from my home; for free. (Upstream Entertainment rocks!)

I must admit that I haven't listened to or seen these guys in a few years, and I have heard a lot of people putting them down recently. For that reason, I was a bit sceptical about this show.

Well my scepticism was entirely unfounded. This show was awesome (albeit short). The show was scheduled to start at exactly 2:30; sharp. So ... by the crack of 4 pm, SCI hit the stage.

I don't know if they are normally less like their old selves lately, but to me this was just like the SCI I fell in love with years ago. They were on fire! The sound was fantastic for a little, outdoor gig and the venue couldn't be better. We were standing, literally, at the base of the runs for Whistler Mountain in the Village. The sun was shining, and it was a perfect day. The turnout was fairly small (but having tried to estimate crowd sizes in the past and having been entirely unsuccessful, I'm not going to guess here). SCI did only one, long set of about two hours plus a great encore.

This show was worth twice, hell ten times, the price!



Round The Wheel

Got What He Wanted


Indian Creek


This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)

Yo Se (sans lyrics)>

Lonesome Road Blues*

45th of November

Outside Inside>

Desert Dawn


I Wish (Stevie Wonder cover)

*During this song, half a dozen naked skiers/riders came down the mountain and skied right into the show. The band was facing the mountain, themselves, and improvised some lyrics as a tribute.

Quote of the Day

"I hope they start soon, because no matter what I'm definitely leaving at 4:00 to go and finish preparing my taxes."

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what a weekend. Kang and Jason (percussionist) are both really cool guys... The SCI show was good, perhaps a bit ordinary, but good. Zilla was interesting, my first exposure to the world of dulcimers (sp?) When Nershi and Kang joined them, it was pretty awesome.

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