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Rolling Stone article on oil-less future


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The Long Emergency

good article outlining the fact that the world no longer has enough oil to run the way it does now and that, ready or not, depleted oil stores are going to start radically changing everyone's way of life beginning over the next decade... peak oil production was supposed to top off in 2010 but with China and India's soaring demands now analysts are saying this year (2005) will be the peak, meaning this is just about the end of the ride... commuting, suburbs, frequent travel, trans continental shipping, cheap electricity, clothes and food are almost done being a possibility... alternative methods of fuel and power have no hope of meeting the energy demand needed to run most of what we take for granted

echoing the same message thats laid out in the film "The End of Suburbia"

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The thing I'll miss most: Fresh Green Vegetables in Feburary (Hello Potato!!!)

The things I'll miss least: Rush Hour traffic... not knowing most of my nieghbours.

The things I look forward too: Urban Farming, real work, a chance for the planet to organize all the petrochems we've thrown into her sea of air!!

BTW anyone take Geography with Mr. Stickney in 92... It's all been said before, a long time before... I find the real problem is too many people are talking and not enough people are listening.

Anyways, I'm not going to worry... thanks to the good times... I feel fulfilled already, and I'd be happy to turn my thermostat down to help the cause..

I've found solace in local musicians who are just as talented if not more that those who fly from show to show, or organize giant state to state tours with multi-buses. Don't get me started on what 10,000,000 albums actually means to the environment, (Britney I'm looking in your direction)... man I can go on and on... but yeah, I don't want to be a problem person, I want to be a Solution person... and I think Avi Lewis of the CBC witnessed some sweet solutions down in Argentina... check out MUST SEE TV...ARGENTINA thread


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