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CD Playlist: Post-Upgrade Edition


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I'm assuming that the last "What are listening to?" topic (temporarily?) slipped below the radar after the upgrade, so here's a new one. My list:

  • Defunkt - Avoid The Funk: A Defunkt Anthology
  • moe. - Wormwood
  • John Coltrane - Giant Steps
  • David Lindley - El Rayo-X
  • The New Shady Groove - The New Shady Groove EP



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Faith No More - Angeldust

No way!!! I was listening to this last night, rockin' out to Midlife Crisis and thinking I was the only person on the planet who still owned this album. Nice to know I'm in good company AD.

Mike Patton is a maniac! Perhaps I'll have to throw on a little Mr. Bungle tonight. Heck yeah!

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Haha, I used to love the Dead Milkmen... I was really sad when Dave Blood died last year... I have some of their live stuff somewhere and it goes from awesome to hilarious to trainwreck back to awesome in about one minute of music, every song. So good..

Here's some Dead Milkmen for all the Deadheads here :)



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Ok, a few more than five because I've been switching it up a lot lately...

Matt Mays & El Torpedo - Matt Mays & El Torpedo [2005]

Grand Funk Railroad - Closer to Home [1970]

Burt Neilson Band - 2004-11-20 Marquee, Halifax, NS Disc 1 (holy jam into Yellow Pants)

The JB's - Pass the Peas: Best of the JB's [2000]

Derek Trucks Band - 2003-10-04 HoB, Lake Buena Vista, FL

Screamin Cheetah Wheelies - Screamin Cheetah Wheelies [1994]

The Band - 1976-08-16 King Biscuit Flower Hour Broadcast

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Yeah man! Roxy & Elsewhere is what made me do the Zappa avatar. I have a pristine vinyl copy (might be a later pressing though) that makes it onto the turntable quite often. Probably should have added that to my list. Note my signature...

The name of this song is Penguin in Bondage,

And it's a song that ah, deals with the possible variations on a basic theme which is...well,

You understand what a basic theme is.

And then the variations include ah, manoeuvres that might be executed with the aid of ah, extra-terrestrial gratification and devices which might or might not be supplied in a local department store or perhaps a drugstore but at very least in

one of those fancy new shops that they advertise in the back-pages of the free press.

This song suggests to the suggestible listener that the ordinary procedure ah,

That I am circumlocuting at this present time in order to get this text on television,

Is that ah, if you wanna do something other than what you thought you were gonna do when you first took your clothes off and you just happened to have some DEVICES around...

Then it's, it's not only okay to get into the

PARAPHERNALIA of it all but...Hey!

What did he say? Ready?

She's just like a penguin in bondage boyoyoyoyoyooyoy

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