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Hiway Freeker - Hamilton - Friday Night


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thought I'd mention that the freeker is playin at mermaid's tonight and I'll be goin as I have to wait for people until tomorrow... if you've stuck in town, nothing like the freeker to ease the pain

so if you're stuck near the hammer, come on down and we'll do a saloon warmup! [big Grin]

probably $5 - Mermaid's Lounge - Hess Village - Hamilton

May 24 weekend is finally here !!![Cool][Razz][Eek!]

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sorry guys, I'm wearing sissy pants tonight.....

Bri - you all set to get up to CTMF? hey - Laurie said you were calling me back tonight but you weren't sure if I had called, you may have dreamt it.....

well, you are in my thoughts dude, but I haven't tried to call you the past little while so you may want to stop drinking yourself to sleep....

see you this weekend! take care of paisley tonight! [Wink]

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