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Sights and Sounds of this past weekend


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Balloon covered floor @ a Wellington Brewery party! (good Guelph beer mmmm!)

My b-day drunk friend liberating a stuffed tiger from the roof of Ray's Boathouse in Hamilton and then proceeding to ride it around the bar.

A raccoon hanging off my porch on the way to the roof of my house (my cat watching intently as this strange new creature climbs it's way up)

Elated band members in a circular jam space. Actual eye contact while playing...what a concept.

1 Ti-dyed engineer + 1 soul mate + 1 drummer + 1 friend who returned to Guelph from a 2 year hiatus + 1 neighbour all drunk and cross-eye-edly so @ a local bar after the brewery party. Smiling fools!


what the thunder said + saxophone (Niiiice)

bowling balls, pins, + bryan adams (Happy b-day LW)

Popping balloons as some E-Tard at the party a the brewery began losing it. Funny for the first 3 balloons then a little less fun then the leaving them and enjoying them that preceded the pop fest.

Blue Rodeo from several eras (Blue Rodeo's new DVD has some sweet footage...quirky, but really enjoyable)

Karoke Mustang Sally with 40 odd 40+ years old people cranking out the "Ride Sally Ride"s. This happened after the bowling. Ahhh weird culture indeed.

MarcO to Deeps: You know....I like you...I normally don't like people like you....but I like you.

Deeps to MarcO: Thanks man.


Please share your Sights and Sound from the past weekend if you're up to it ;-)

Take care


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Sights:UNbelievable consumptions of liqor friday and saturday nights, lots of freinds and others Vomiting,Lots and Lots of dancing Girls especially!!Cool light show at a house party my buddy had friday night, awsoem lazer lights and smoke machine and what not for a house party

Sounds:Tala and Divine Heist playing at the party!! It rocked both bands rocked out like crazy, super impressive, best party EVER hands down!! Both bands switching members and jamming randomnly for hours!! It was just Amazing!!

saturday sounds were shitty, all club music and hip hop, but thats my fault for goin out drinkin at a dance bar, but the drinks are just soo cheap i always think it i s worth it until i go, then everytime i leave i reaLIZE NO MATTER HOW cheap the drinks are, goin to the damn "Dance Club" is not worth it!!

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Sights: a 40yr old lesbian birthday party, beautiful people enjoying beautiful weather, a big Italian wedding, frisbee in the park, lots of stinky dogs.

Sounds: The Mae Cromwell band at the b-day party, drunken drummer dropping sticks, my piano students struggling through Beethoven, euro-trash house music at the wedding, taratellas, glass-clanging, an alarm clock that sounds like a big Italian wedding, beautiful people enjoying beautiful weather, then the capper...Zap Mama @ the Mod Club Theatre.

A great weekend of sights and sounds...

I won't even start on the taste and the touch can stay private ;)

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-walking into Rancho Relaxo to find Pablo working the door

-the interesting man I met who runs the T.3 Convenience store on St. Clair where I went at 8 am to buy bananas, orange juice, fireworks and plastic jellyfish

-the goddamned blinding sun that came out long before I called it a night on Saturday

-the cracked out mama at the 7-11 who Brian (with his giant pupils) had to wait for while I made faces in the window

-watching Mouse try to organize making a traveler and navigating the TTC Sunday morning

-Rheatardo climbing into a cab after some smokables and forgetting her jacket

-seeing the wonderful Lacey/Teekens duo and not losing their number this time

-seeing how long Steve's beautiful dreads have gotten and hearing about his wee daughter

-finally getting to display my dreadless mop for Lisa, Mac, Carrie, et. all

-once again running into Amy, Margaret, Dave, Kimmer and the crew


-seeing Caution Jam after almost a year...eek!

-having Jay join the band for some high quality noodlin'

-keyboards ruled

-Trevor on the harmonica was damn impressive...or, as Brian put it, hearing him play "the sexiest piece of music I've ever heard"

-Sunday afternoon having the neighbours ask "were you guys having a party last night?" *blush*

-listening to Brian Wilson with Feff

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- the stuffed tiger riding incident

- Niagara Falls at night with all the coloured lights on

- My brother trying to break the bowling pins as oppossed to knocking them down

- Watching Marco be crowned King of the Dundas bowling alley

- Hiking at websters falls and pushing my brother into spencer creek head first

- Driving around two drunk engineering students at 4am while they knock over dumpsters, mailboxs, and pee on various road signs

- Parking my car to get some Pizza and the guy in the car beside us is getting a blow job (which my brother then decided to take pictures of and the guy in the car started posing for them)


- my friend playing zepplin songs to me on the guitar

- thundering water falls

- hot tub jets

- bowling balls jumping the gutter

- middle-age-white-cougar-karoke

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