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Just another Manic Monday?


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If your Monday's got you down (of even if it hasn't) come on down to the Gypsy Co-op this evening to relax with some free music, good people, $3 Canadian and a vibe like your best friend's living room! Music starts at 10:00.

Bring an instrument if you like, play something that's there or just sit back and listen.

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Nice thing about these Mondays is that you can get yourself so tuckered out that you're just totally numb by Tuesday, and then that rolls by without your even noticing it. Works like a charm. I don't know how that would factor into travel time to Vancouver or anything.

Btw, I finally restrung my banjo and was thinking about bringing it tonight, but, HEY, does anyone who might come tonight (come tonight!) also play? Do tell, in what time remains; if not, maybe I'll wait till next week, when I finally buy a strap for it. (This is how I rationalise being too lazy to carry it.)

Bad banjo joke: What's the difference between jumping on a trampoline and jumping on a banjo? You take your shoes off before jumping on a trampoline.

Another bad banjo joke: What's the difference between a dead musktrat and a dead banjo player? The muskrat was probably on his way to a gig.

(I don't remember many jokes, but the ones timouse tells me sometimes stick.)

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I've kinda given up on my banjo... I always seem to rather want to play bass instead.

Anyone want to buy a great Deering Goodtime 5-string banjo with soft case?

I originally bought it on the Danforth 2 years ago... it's in great shape, except for a little dirt on the skin.

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