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S.Franke + Dekcuf=dry nite?!?

Davey Boy 2.0

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I've heard that all should be fine by then. It sounds like it was a mixup in renewing and the blame is of course upon the City.

However, Stephen Franke says they're playing for Ottawa regardless! I'm sure they'll move downstairs if they are able to.

I wouldn't miss this for anything.

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Well, I'll tell you what I know: We're actually hoping the liquor license thing will be worked out, but if not, we'll do one of two things, depending on what people want us to do:

Either we'll do a set, then Jacob twotwo will do a set while we set up gear downstairs for our last set to be in the licensed place, from 1-2am, or:

We say f@@k it, hope everyone coming doesn't mind bringing flasks and doobies, etc (though I shouldn't be the one saying that) and keep the night the way it is. This is my favourite idea, because I like Dekcuf, and just want to play an uninterupted night of music for everyone, as we really like Ottawa.

Either way, we're coming to play. Let's hope for the best, being the restoration of the license, and please ask people to still come out, because for us the most important part is that we get to come and play to people that want to listen...

See y'all very soon,


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