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What Dubya listens to on his iPod

Davey Boy 2.0

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Omigod, Dubya listens to Blackie and the Rodeo Kings? How precisely are they supposed to live that one down?

if it's any comfort, he likely has no idea who they are. it's sort of like when Faux News asked W what papers he read. He claimed to be a very busy man (what with all the jogging) and didn't actually read the paper, but had aides read it and give him the gist of it. i expect that it's a similar battch of aides that fill his Ipod.

i would be very happy to read a further story about how shrubya's ipod was full of illegally downloaded music. what the hell, let's start the rumour now! pass it on!

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ahaaaa! my favourite line of the article:

"Joe Levy, of Rolling Stone magazine, told the Times the Knack's lyrics were, by anybody's standards "suggestive, if not outright filthy."

ahaha.. haha.. hahahahaha.. oh, my sharona. hey that's kinda like 'sharon' with an 'a'. hm.


PS - as far as the downloaded music thing - article in the Citizen says "Mr. Bush does not download the songs himself. They are mostly chosen by Mark McKinnon, his chief media strategist."

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