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Hello from San Francisco!


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Hello everyone! We are pretty sad that we are currently enjoying our last day in San Francisco. We've had a great time and did lots of fun stuff, and tonight we are going to see the Blue Jays crush the Oakland Athletics once again. We'll have lots of pictures to share soon, including today's visit to Haight Ashbury, which yielded the following "incident":

Walking out of Amoeba Music, two guys walked by and one said, "need bud?". The other dude said to him "why did you say that to them, they look straight", to which the other replied, "but they're Phishheads!".


See y'all soon!

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Awwwww, I sure do miss SF sometimes. Amoeba Records is one incredible store. And right you are about Kerouac Blvd Paisley. A trip to City Lights Book Store is a must if you are around the Columbus/Broadway area. The Sutro bath ruins near the Cliff House are also to be seen for anyone on the northwest part of the peninsula. That was one of my favourite places to hang out and explore. All kinds of funky caves to explore, etc. There's usually no one around either, which makes it rare for an SF hangout. There are nice (windy) beaches just south of the baths (great for giant kite flying), and the Cliff House is a really cool place to go for drinks.

Man, oh man, I really do miss that city. I hope you had a blast Basher! Please tell me you made it to the Great American Music Hall.

Cool Sutro bath sites for anyone interested in checking them out:



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