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Saw O.A.R. Last Nite----


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Well, I ventured down to the worst venue in Toronto to check out OAR and what the fuss was all about. Even though they aren't a jamband by any means, I really enjoyed the band. They were super late because of border issues and wouldn't stop apologizing to the audience and it seemed to spirit their performance, whipping out some really great reggae/ska style tunes with a little Dave Matthews feel mixed in. Also got covers of Stir It Up, Blackbird and Sunday, Bloody Sunday.

The security was tight, the beer was expensive, the venue was dirty, the band was late and it was rainy, but the music was still stellar. Great band, great music, shitty everything else.


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actually I have more to say....

Don't let yourself get tricked into seeing this band! They are not a jamband, they are way too loud, they are boring, they are not worth $20, ...Hootie and the blowfish on crack...and I hate hootie!!

Do yourself a favor...don't believe the hype!!! [Mad]

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