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Don't You Just Love Pearl Jam?


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well personally I can't stand them ;) but if you are a fan, here's a heads-up that Canadian tour dates are forthcoming.

and their front homepage seems to suggest that is indeed the case (you'll need sound to catch my drift):


apparently they have one of those clubs you can join giving you preferred seating. So if you are into it, now is the time to look into it.

good luck Pearl Jam fans!

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hey, then just ignore it.

hmmmm. opening page is playing "O Canada" and their official message board is all abuzz with talk of imminent Canadian dated being announced. They're even suggesting people sign up for fanclub ticketing status by April 19th, so as to be prepared for when the dates are announced.

I'm really only trying to get word out because I know there are some huge PJ fans out there.

Last you'll hear of this from me.

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It's official:

Date City/Venue Ticket price/Pair USD

Sept 2 Fri Vancouver /GM Place $117.70

4 Sun Calgary /Pengrowth Saddledome $114.20

5 Mon Edmonton /Rexall Place $114.60

7 Wed Saskatoon /Credit Union Centre $116.40

8 Thurs Winnipeg /MTS Centre $115.00

9 Fri Thunder Bay /Ft. William Gardens$114.20

11 Sun Kitchener/ Memorial Auditorium $116.40

12 Mon London/ John Labatt Centre $116.40

13 Tues Hamilton/ Copps Coliseum $116.80

15 Thurs Montreal/ Bell Centre $121.20

16 Fri Ottawa/ Corel Centre $117.75

19 Mon Toronto/ Air Canada Centre $116.40

20 Tues Quebec City/ColiseePepsi Arena $118.50

22 Thurs Halifax/ Metro Centre $114.20

24 Sat St. John's NFLD/ Mile One Stadium$114.20

Meggo, rumor has it that Eddie's divorced. Now's our chance!! ;)

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The tickets prices are listed in the price of a pair...its about 60$, not too bad!! I'll be hittin up the Halifax show for sure......not sure why they stilll have rooms at the hilton in Saint John booked, must just be a stop over, since they arent gonna be playing here!!

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Yes, lasts years show in Toronto, which included someone falling out of a tree for "In my tree" (Thanks God! ;) He was okay of course). Eddie getting drunk off of Wine given to him by Geddy Lee that day or the day before, and feeding it to a mask of GWB which he wore out on stage for the encore and then placed on his mic stand for some Vintage Geddy wine tasting... and then for the Triple Encore(ok, 2nd maybe, I could be hyping it too much), he defied security and came crashing out after the house lights came on, to then play Baba O'Riely to a crowd who was scattering back to their seats becasue they assumed it was over!!! Also, too many Ramone covers (those guys were sucky too. Kidding) Truly boring... I won't even trouble you with the voice echo-sample delay chant Eddie opened the 3rd encore with in Montreal the night after... too boring... hehe... Or that during three nights in Boston, and over 8 hours of performance, they managed to play over 100 different songs... none longer than 7:00mins. Clearly not enough to keep my attention...

But I guess this wouldn't be Canada without someone piping in and sharing their negative sentament

Kitchener... what!!!!



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see, i used to be a mediocre fan....then started listening to the LIVE, as opposed to the radio, then realized not only are they amazing live, they are only getting better!!!

its not often when your on purposely picking the latest shows to listen to, rather than the earliest stuff....

other than for Neil Young and Pearl Jam, i can't think of any other band that "I" consider "improving"...

most are just floating along, enjoying average success.

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but, for those of us who are fans, and want to go to the shows...i must ask:

what is the best way for a NON ten club member to possibly get tickets?

how popular are pearl jam in southern ontario? is kitchener on a sunday night gonna sell out w/in minutes?

what about hamilton on a wednesday? i'd like to go to both these shows....think TM will be a possability?

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It certainly will test the market in a unique way. I'm thinking it will be a quick sell... U2esque... but with 6, or 7 shows within 7 Hours of Toronto... you could find yourself getting very lucky, or not lucky at all... all-in-all membership has it's privlidges ;).

But as you can see from this thread, not everyone is going... so what do I know? BTW, I would think my definition of a Number 1 fan is someone who looks forward to the maturation of a band... and not someone desperately holding on to a moment in time they can never hold on to again... Perhaps you require McCready back on the juice inorder to hear what your looking for, but I prefer him in his current happy and healthy state. But once again, what do I know... I'm new here. :)


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