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Surf's up, eh


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So this song sort of wrote itself in my head last night while I was somewhat stoned. I mean, it's pretty derivative, but an original nonetheless. We've got all our instruments crammed into our A-frame attic - two drumkits; my guitars, amp and effects; an old crappy bass (nobody here is exclusively a bass player) and an old Traynor Bassmaster head and massive 2x15 cabinet; few crappy keyboards and my computer equipped with Acid 4.0 multitracking software. I don't really like Acid but it does the job for our purposes. Anyway since I moved to Hamilton in September and I've had the time and space to really start making my own recordings, the creative juices have been flowing like never before.

So like I said, this song was just in my head last night. I didn't want to go to sleep until I recorded it so I wouldn't forget it, so I quietly tracked a skeletal version late last night, playing a rhythm and then a lead track into a microphone without plugging in the guitar. Woke up this morning and decided to do it right. I usually play all the instruments when I record in the attic, but roommate Sean had called in sick to work so I had him cut the drums. Then I laid bass, rhythm guitar, and two leads.

The tune is 100% straight surf. I mean, I love surf but I've never really played it before, odd that this should just come out of me. Anyway I thought I would shamelessly share the recording, cause I'm sort of proud of it in a nerdy schoolboyish way. If anybody digs this, I have tons more in varying styles. Please excuse the shoddy production and the few mistakes I was too lazy to fix.


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