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Where Have All the Nazis Gone?


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Further thought: I think the Burdi story is the most interesting of the lot. Good interview with him here.

Anyone in Ottawa remember the mini-riot back near Parliament Hill in the early 90s?

The band, Novacosm, has a website at Novacosm.com ; I'm not too jazzed on the band per se, but the idea itself is inspiring, against the backdrop of kind of music he used to crank out.

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Just that as a white supremacist, the one thing that really seemed to have driven him - besides the whole racist power trip - was making, recording, and publishing music; guy then ends up in jail, comes out, starts hanging out with people from everywhere, likes them, and then redirects all those new energies back into music, still his guiding thread. Again, what I've heard doesn't really turn my crank, but you have to wonder if it hadn't been for a jackass of a history teacher in high school (which was apparently the case here), he might have been able to avoid the first category of music from the beginning - and folks he in important ways galvanised in the white supremacist movement.

I don't know if that makes any more sense.

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