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Tom Green vs. Martin Short.


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This is certainly interesting. Tom Green and Martin Short are feuding. I wouldn't want to be on the wrong side of Green. He knows how to go really LOOOOWWWWW....

Read Tom's blog at www.tomgreen.com

The Martin Short Is Lame Game

I guess Martin Short was talking crap about me in W magazine. I was forwarded an email, apparently the New York Post picked up this story. So here's the deal. About four years ago Martin Short had a show where he dressed up in a fat suit, I talk a bit about this in my book. Anyway, during the interview he started making fun of my cancer operation, and I got upset and walked off the set. I guess I was just dissapointed, because being Canadian, I had been a fan of his earlier work on SCTV etc... anyway, it was still pretty fresh, my cancer recovery etc... (right after my recovery) so I didn't really take it too well, and was perhaps a bit overly emotional when he started dissing on me about it. Big deal right? I left the show and told them I didn't appreciate it, and didn't want it to air.

Cut to four years later, and Martin Short is telling some New York magazine that I walked off his show, and that I was the only guest that didn't "get it"... (he of course didn't mention that he was making fun of my cancer/one testicle etc...) He just plays it off to people like I am some sort of jerk. I can say here right now, I have never walked off anything in my life, except that. He pushed hard, and he pushed mean, and I left. To be honest it felt kinda cool when I did it... Walking off of Martin Short's TV show, after all, who was I to do that? But I just didn't want to be talked to that way.

Regardless, that isn't really what bothered me the most about it. See the truth is, it just wasn't funny. If he had been funny, and if the show had been funny, I probably could have handled a good natured ribbing... The sad thing is, he wasn't being good natured about it... I think he was funny at times with his other guests on that show, but he seemed like he held some extra venom for me. He was getting personal, and mean. It made me a bit sad.

I never really blabbed my mouth off regardiing my true feelings about this, because I figured it was irrelevant, and water under the bridge. But now that he's publicly talking crap about me I figured I may as well open up.

The sad truth is. Martin Short hasn't done anything funny since Ed Grimley. (he used to be on SNL) I find it sad, that someone who admittedly was once very funny, can become so mediocre and lame. I used to love the guy, cause he made funny faces and did some cool stuff thirty years ago. But now I just feel kinda sorry for him. I mean, what's he bagging on "me" for? Pick on someone your own size Martin! You were in the Producers for crying out loud! (which I'm sure was lame) Do you have so little to talk about in your article written about you, to promote whatever boring project that you are doing, that ya gotta rip on me? (about an event that happened four years ago) Shit. Who cares. And at least tell the truth when ya do it.

Or even better, move back to Canada and retire. No-one gives a crap about you anymore. I can guarantee when I'm your age, If I'm as boring and unfunny as you, I'll do the same.

This is why, I want to start the Martin Short is lame campaign. I would love to encourage my website readers, if they want to stick up for good ol' Tom, send me some pictures that I can post on the site of you wearing a (hastily and crappily made) T-Shirt that says "I think Martin Short Is Lame"... Take the picture near a landmark if you want in your part of the world, just to show off your town. And while your at it, pop off a letter to W magazine and the New York Post and tell em to get their facts straight. Then email them your picture too. letters@nypost.com Thanks gang! I never really get upset, so I know you will be with me in my time of crisis! I know you all got my back.



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Martin Short, despite his brilliant SCTV/SNL tenures, is indeed now beyond lame, but not nearly as lame as a grown man encouraging people to send in photos of themselves wearing "I think Martin Short is Lame" t-shirts.

This is like watching two gelatinous squids fight for a piece of plankton.

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Martin Short, despite his brilliant SCTV/SNL tenures, is indeed now beyond lame, but not nearly as lame as a grown man encouraging people to send in photos of themselves wearing "I think Marin Short is Lame" t-shirts.

This is like watching two gelatinous squids fight for a piece of plankton.

Do I hear FOX Celebrity boxing calling????

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no doubt, scottieking! heck, look at poor glenn!!!!

i was listening to this whole thing on the radio this morning. the show he walked off was that jimmy glick one or whatever. i can't say i've seen much of that program, but the entire premise of the show, is that jimmy glick is a slimeball entertainment reporter who asks completely tasteless questions to his celebrity guests. so it wasn't martin short interviewing tom green, it was martin short, in character, as jimmy glick. sleazeball tasteless jimmy glick. so yeah, in that case, i'd say the one who didn't get it was tom green.

yeah, maybe it was tasteless and over the line for him to be ribbed about the cancer thing, and maybe it is tasteless of martin short to bring this up and/or not apologize to him, but GAD, TOM! way to believe everything you read. for all we know, martin short's comment to W about this, could have been taken completely out of context, and fit into the story at the journalist's discretion.

i don't know... i'm not saying martin short is all high & mighty, and i'm not even sticking up for him, it's just kind of hard to have a whole lot of sympathy for tom green when you look at all the havoc & misery HE HIMSELF has wreaked on the world in the name of comedy. like seriously, take a joke buddy.

and even if martin short is pretty lame these days, he's lame after what, 20+ years of doing what he's doing. tom green washed up after what, 3?

and funny you should mention that, bouche, that's exactly what i thought of when i heard about it today.

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I believe that Tom Green's beef has nothing to do with the original interview with Glick, but with Martin Short's comments in a recent interview with W magazine that paints Tom Green as an arse for walking off that show 4 bloody years ago.

I guess Tom doesn't think that was at all necessary and wants an apology for those remarks.

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am I wrong or didn't Tom Green totally make a joke out of his entire cancer treatment and surgery, even to the point of filming it and putting it on his show???

I thik he was just being a prick when he walked off the Short's show. Seems like a typical flameout for a celeb at the end of their 15 minutes. Probably got him a headline or two out of it back then.

As for Green Vs. Short - Both have made me laugh my ass off at one time or another. But Martin Short is a true comic in every sense. Sure he hasn't done any good movies in a while, but Jiminy(sp?) Glick was hilarious even if you didn't find it funny you gotta admire his ability to totally transform into a unique and interesting character.

As for Tom Green he was just the orginal "Mook" doing anythig and everything for a laugh, and it worked well for a while...Until everythng had been done, all the gross outs and the pranks they just got old. Then the Mook market got flooded with Jackass and all the clones and spinoffs and eventually everything got stale and died.

So in a battle versus these two...I gotta go with Short.

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What I got out of it was that Tom was a guest on the Glick show, a little too soon out of his recovery, could not handle the ribbing and left. Martin was in the wrong to bring it up years later and portray him as a jerk for it, rather than a sick guy not ready to laugh about it.

And to all you guys who think Martin Short is not doing anything presently are wrong. Martin Short is not just a comedian, he's an entertainer. He does tonnes of voices for cartoons, he can dance and sing very well, and I believe he does live theatre. I am not going to pretend I know all the skinny on the current or anything but I like them both. They have both made me laugh, lots.

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