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Self-Defense for Women


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Hello Phellow Phriends.

I'm not on here much that you would know of... mostly just reading along and not saying a lot.

My actual name is Lara and I'm Dave Patel's wife and business partner (Dave = drummer from Special Ed & The Musically Challenged and Jukejoint).

I'm writing to let you know about a seminar this coming Sunday, May 25th that Dave will be putting on at his Martial Arts club. At this time it's for women only. If you're a female or know any you might be interested. It will run from 3pm to about 6pm and only costs 25 dollars per person.

The name of our business is dhyana: empowerment and self-defense seminars. . Dave has over 17 years of Martial Arts experience and is pretty passionate about human rights and equality.

His approach is less about "kicking the crap" out of someone (not too realistic if you're 5' 5" and afraid and he's 6' 5" and aggressive) and more about creating awareness around your self and your boundaries, your surroundings (ie. various environments), and your physical capabilities. By this we mean the skills you already possess for defending yourself, which you may not know to access.

There will be some discussion around creating safe boundaries and recognizing potential danger. In addition you will learn more about how to use your fear to your benefit rather than to your detriment and what realistic physical methods you can use to get away from someone should the need arise.

This is a very important topic and sadly one that's difficult to address. As many of you know the statistics show that personal crimes are often between parties who are friends, partners, or know each other in some way. If you are better at establishing up front where your boundaries are and clearly stating which behaviours are NOT OKAY you will be less likely to become a victim.

I have a flyer, which I'd love to post but don't know how to do it here. If anyone would like more information you can email dhyana@sympatico.ca and I'll be happy to send you a flyer or give you a call. If this date doesn't work for you but you're interested in future seminars let us know that too. If we know of a group that's interested, we'll take the seminar to you.

Thanks for your few minutes.

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Oops! Forgot to say the seminar will be held at Global Tae Keuk-Do at 22 Brisbane Road. See here http://www.taekeuk-do.com/location.asp. It's basically at Finch and Dufferin at the school where Dave teaches Tae Keuk-Do Hap Ki-Do (Korean Art for anyone wanting to know).

Thanks for pointing out my omission! Hope that we can be some help to some of you or someone you love.


Witchy Poo. [smile]

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