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Any1 heard of Ariel Pink?!?!?


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holy shit, this guy's blowing and warping my mind!! I don't know whether to classify him as a genuis or a cukoo.

Imagine Syd Barret today on a shoe-string recording budget crafting songs on a lo-fi 8 track singing the catchiest melodies that sound vaguely familiar to 60/70s radio pop and commercial jingles!

Seek out the album, Haunted Grafiti 2: The Doldrums; once you hear it you'll either be hooked or disturbed!

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Yes, he's got a few albums. I believe that this new one was put out by someone from the NYC band Animal Collective, whose latest album is on FatCat.

Ariel was in Hamilton for a house-show with Greg Davis (on Kranky Records). They did a collaborative set.

You can also get some of Ariel's older albums from www.cdbaby.com

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