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GTB Download - 04/08/05


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It should be available for download very soon....


Fredericton, NB

UNB SUB Cafeteria

April 8, 2005

Source: Soundboard > Creative Nomad Jukebox C

Conversion: Creative Nomad Jukebox C > USB > Soundforge 7.0 > FLAC (Level 5)

- Butler (andrewbutler@musician.org)

Complete Set

01 Plastic

02 Friend

03 Stretch

04 Photograph >

05 Silence

06 Room In Your Brain

07 I Guess Not I Guess

08 Don't Go Say That

09 Wide Awake

10 OMA

11 Annoying And Blue

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Hell. That teased me for Christ's sake.

I cant wait to hear the Rheos from this night. Cool to see they brought some of those East Coaster's on stage with them at the end. Good ole Canadiana for this whole puppy...........

Butler, try and bump this again when it is ready to go. My short-term memory is about as long as a paid poet's sobriety.

Oh yeah, try and post it in the Bit Torrent Links forum instead.

(Although this seems like it should be posted here as well. This looks like it should be traded heavily, provided the band is cool with it.)

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The swearing filter caused this post to not make sense so I had to jump back into it.
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