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Waterloo review and feedback request ...

mark tonin

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Thanks to everyone who made it out to the show at the University of Waterloo on Friday. I had a great time and hope that you did as well.

I thought that all 3 bands played really well ... there was lots of energy on the dance floor and the bands were feeding off of it, and that would get the crowd going even more, and the circle of energy would spiral upward. Having Jeff Farrow doing the lights certainly helped to add fuel to the fire ... man that guy is good at what he does. For your info, he is going to be the lighting guy for the New Deal when they start playing again at the end of this month ... we were lucky to have him for this show.

I can't really think of a musical highlight, or a highlight of the evening, as there were many. I guess the main highlight for me was just how many people showed ... thank you everyone for your support! As the guy who organized the event, I found myself dancing less than I normally do ... I took a step back quite often just to have a look at how things were going. Plus I did a lot of socializing, as a whole bunch of friends came out to support the show, including people that don't normally attend jam shows. And I ran into 2 former students, which was a great surprise.

Having said all of the above, I am also looking for feedback, both positive and constructive criticism. I am confident that given the solid turnout of people at this show, I will be able to put something else together at this venue. But I want it to be better. My concerns are as follows:

- Security, particularly later on in the evening at the door. At one point I was told that the doors were closed because the event had sold out (350 people) but it was weird because people that had gone out for a smoke were having a hard time getting back in. There seemed to be a lot of miscommunication at the door regarding the out and in policy.

- The loooong bar lineup ... I must have waited 20 minutes to get a drink at one point.

- Not enough dance space on the dance floor. Next time, the tables come back even farther!!!

One more comment - I bought a copy of Greg Hemming's video, A Head's Tale, and Liana and I watched it last night. What a great piece of work!!! Everyone should see this film!!! And I'm not just saying that because I'm in it [big Grin]

Finally, sorry I missed the nero show in Guelph on Saturday. After watching A Head's Tale, my head hit the pillow and I slept from 9 p.m. on Sat. to Sunday morning, straight through, which is really rare for me. But I'm all rested up now for the huge slate of shows that we get to choose from during the remainder of this month [big Grin]

Thanks again everyone for your support!!!

Peace, Mark

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You pretty much hit it all there Mark. The music was great. The venue was nice and roomy, I love seeing shows where they are "sold out" before its extremely packed. The New Deal is playing here in Kingston in a couple weeks at Elixer, which holds 200ish, but everytime they play there there ends up being 300+. There's no point to seeing a band jam if you can't dance. So big points to the Bombshelter for that.

Security was a bit of an issue, but they could have been a lot worse I'm sure. And given the fact that they let all the none students in, they do deserve some credit. I was worried about that one, it wouldn't have gone like that at U of G or Queen's.

Lights were fun too, but just so that I don't sound all positive, I have to say smoke machines suck. Although I did spend most of my night near it, and could have fixed the problem myself by switching sides, but for some reason that didn't really cross my mind.

As for the booze. It was a long lineup BUT it sure was cheap... and I'm sure they'll have a few extra staff on next time. They probably weren't expecting such a good turn out of well trained partiers. I'm guessing Friday is usually slow there, hence the cheap drinks???

So I guess the only thing I want to know now is who was running the taping rig? And what is the proper amount of time to wait before grovelling....

Thanks for a good time Mark. See ya next time!

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The show was great, Mark. Thanks for putting on such a fun event.

I got there kind of late. Waited in that crazy bar line for 20 minutes or so... did quite a bit of visiting and didn't really get focused on the music until gtb's set. Got right up front. Met this fun guy and we were doing this zany synchronous dancing thing. Hope we didn't distract the band. [big Grin]

GTB's set was so awesome. Fuckin love 'em! Look forward to seeing them again soon.

One suggestion to you, Mark - perhaps a big tank or trough-type thing with ice and beer should be set up somewhere to sell beer from. That would remedy the bar line some.

Also, the little party after was a lot of fun. Have Scot know that we all appreciated his hospitality!

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It was a great MEGA show. Or as Shane says MAGE show. [Wink] Enjoyed all 3 bands alot and seeing many of you there. Surprise surprise [Wink] Never had too much of a problem getting beer myself, in fact some say I had too much. The outdoor "Endless Summer" patio heaters for the smokers was very nice. Never seen those before. I'm getting one. Hehehe. Security was cracking on the 4:20s or so I was told by security. And also, thanks again Mark for helping us get back in after they closed the doors. Giver!

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I had a great time Mark. Thank you for putting on such a great show.

had some issues w/abuddy and security, but that's not your fault at all.

just more clarification about the in and out policy would be better next time from the getgo. I guess that's the bar's doing and not yours.

thanks again. great times all around!

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as far as I'm concerned, Tonin is the king of the Canadian jam band scene and I don't know why... what band is he in anyways?? an that scoty r npinchy... so damn good that kidds... owe the deepest of apologies on not being there to help shake things harder than they were already but all fckd up for... badly... still stayyed focused on th event... bbut sorry I wasn't there... hope one day diesel dog will forgive(though I may never shalll)... will explain things myself to gtb on wednesdayy

deeps sorry bout the fuckupp, shit happens and sometimes you ccan't fight your way out...

bests of th bestss

thanks for bein who you be and thanks for makinn things happen... as you doo

ta alll,


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Mark...fantastic job...the music was great and the venue was pretty good too (and lets face it...where the hell else can you play in KW??). As I am typing this I am downloading the 250 or so pictures I shot...hopefully I will get them online soon...I gotta say though Mark...it just wasn't the same without you dancin' yer ass off!


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I thought the venue was great and at least after people got locked out or kicked out you still got to stay warm inside the University.

My only suggestion is to have more heat on the patio, I thought I was going to freeze to death smoking out there!

Great show though, thanks again Mark.

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Thanks Mark,Had a blast,wish I'd caught all of DD,Fat Cats were kickin and the Bus was amazing,great way to finish the afterparty from Nero the night before with a whole new party!

Wish the rats(snitches) and the security had been a bit relaxed,I didn't really have any problems,but while having a smoke outside I saw the security harassing people they though were tokin cuz the were hudled together.And the fact the security would stick their heads under the stall doors in the guys washroom,I almost kicked the jerk!Saw another guy snap on him for the same thing.

Wierd thing to do.

All in all I had a great time,really no complaints except the security stickin their heads under stall doors,don't really have an opinion on the venue,since it was my first(probally last) show there.

It was great meeting so many people from the websites.Also another great after party at Scott and Debs,thanks guys for having me.Great seein ya both again.And the afterparty part 2 at the hotel.11 people 1 room all night no complaints,thanks guys,was great partying with ya.Keri.....finally bro...we party!!

My favourite qoute of the three day binge:

"Greg(Esau13)please keep your hard drugs in your pocket and try not to wreck the place."(Hard drugs meaning the same he was on,ie:mush,X.....huh?)

See ya all at the next show.




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Thanks for the feedback, and for the kind words about the show and my role in the scene. I really don't want to be king ... I prefer to think of myself as an "active participant" in the scene, as all of you are. That's one thing that I love about this community ... it is very participation oriented. Many people contribute, and the lines between the performers and the audience are blurred, to the point where many audience members are active participants in the whole event.

I look forward to hitting a few shows later this week where I get to shed my organizational and promotional responsibilities and dance with reckless abandon!!!

Peace, Mark

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I thought the whole show kicked ass and was really impressed with the turnout and the good vibe that was created Friday night. We were happy to open up for the Fat Cats and GTB, and hoped you guys enjoyed hearing us do our thing. On behalf of all of the other guys in Diesel Dog, thanks for coming out to hear us and supporting all of the other musicians and people in the background (Jeff on lights, Hemmings at the table, etc). Mark, you put on an excellent show and it all seemed to go well except for a few glitches (they may not have anticipated the crowd and understaffed a bit??) but the show went off pretty well. I had no problems with smoking outside (I was told early on to take a short walk if I wanted to get some "fresh air" so I heeded that advice and kept my head up) and it was kinda cool to be able to drink on the patio in January! Anyways, hope everyone had a great time, I'm exicited to see all the photos people may post and eventually try to grovel the discs off of MoMack when the showwhore releases them. Thanks for recording, hope you got our set.


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Tonin is the king of the Canadian jam band scene

Couldn't have said it better myself. [big Grin]

Thank you once again Mark for asking us to be a part of such a wonderful evening. I think UofW would be smart to have you book all the entertainment there. Especially judging from the upcoming acts that I saw posted.

I think with more dancing room and easier access to alcohol, things will be even better next time.

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As I walked into the Bombsheter I swore that Galactic was playin'...it was DD, wow! blew my mind [smile]

Then the Fatties..tight and on as always ! Great set!

GTB....last time I had the opportunity to see them was opening for Lake Trout at CoZo..they kicked my ass that night and they kicked it again on the 17th.

All in all a great party, meeting and seeing lots of old faces and a lot of new ones

thanks to all that made it a memorable evening on a cold January night.

Security [Mad]

Beer line [Mad]

music [smile]

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