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You Know Its Spring When..


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Secondtube starts posting fishing pix again!

For the anglers on this site, The Salmon Are In (and biting). PM me if you'd like to make it out (if you can, midweek).

For the rest of ya, here's an offer You Shouldn't Refuse.

Many people dont like fishing because "i never catch anything", "its boring", "i dont like worms" etc.

Well, here's the deal. I'll take you out to catch the strongest fighting fish in fresh water (in north america) and get this .... .... ....









I'll GUARENTEE you a fish!

your probably thinking, he can't do that?!?!?! I sure can!

Only catch, must be a weekday (and the wind must be safe)

You too can look like this!





These pictures all show first time salmon anglers fighting their first salmon. They were from last season.

Yesterday was the first day out this year, and we put six Chinook Salmon in the boat. One happened to be the biggest of my life!


We went out again this morning, but it was too rough. We did manage one fish in the half an hour we were out though.


The fishing starts just before first light, sharp! The place is Jordan Harbour. Anyone in Southern Ontario is welcome.

You require NO tackle or experience. Just a conservation fishing licence (around 20 dollars for the year).

reply here, or pm me. I LOVE getting people onto their first salmon. Trust me, unless you've fought one, you would not believe the power these fish have....its fun, its easy, and its safe.

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well, weekends are a possability, but its VERY crowded.

but, we can still work something out for the weekend warriors.

check weef out w/ this fish he caught yesterday.


The smile says it all! that little speck of red to the left of keiths head...thats the sun!

(see what i mean about pre-light start, sharp)

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i used to love fishing - started out on the hunt for bass and pike when i was about 7. then later on I downsized my rod and reel and i grew fond of panfishing.

i guess it's more the 'ooh looky here i caught me something'...the glee and less bioaccumulation in the flesh...

however, i love catching big fish. I'd love to go fishing with you sometime. either way, way to fish!

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