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Hillarious House of Frightenstein Reunion Party


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(copied this off of the 20hz message board)

Anyone else out there old enough to remember watching Hilarious House of Frightenstein Saturday mornings on CHCH?

This horror-based kids show was created, filmed, etc right here in Hamilton by CHCH and has become infamous around the world. If you dunno what I'm talking about check out www.frightenstein.com or www.frightenstein.ca

Anyway, Stacey Case from the Toronto band the Tiujana Bibles has arranged the first ever Frightenstein Fan Cnvention in Toronto in May. Here's the details for anyone interested:

Saturday May 14

The 360 (Branch #360 - Royal Canadian Legion)

326 Queen Street West at Spadina

Noon 'til 7 pm

Toronto, Canada

Confirmed guests include:

Joe Torbay (Gronk, Grammar Slammer Bammer, Harvey Wallbanger)

Dave Cremasco (Cameraman)

John Bradford (Tape Editor) plus more TBA...

Events include:

- a Q & A session with cast and crew members

- world debut of a new Billy Van video portrait "Return To Transylvania" (Van was the star of the show who passed away in 2003)

- photographic slide show presented by cameraman Dave Cremasco, featuring never-before-seen photos of the making of Frightenstein

-a reunion of the Party Game cast (another CHCH show in the 70s)

- vendor booths

- live bands in the evening (transylvania 500, The Matadors and tijuana bibles play after the convention is over)

- more TBA

- admission $12 in advance

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Geez, I was coming to repost my original post from 20hz and Paisley's already done it for me!

This being a dad makes it tough to find time to post all the time...

thanks for posting that in the first place, very cool event... I didn't realize that was you over on the other board


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