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Ever accidentally stumble upon something hilarious on the internet? I just did that. Check out some of these professional 'look-a-likes'.

Jon Stewart could probably make some hilarious commentary over most of these.



PRINCE prince.jpg

MICHAEL J FOX MichaelJFox.jpg

AUSTIN POWERS austin_lg.jpg

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speaking of look a likes, i didn't see this on the net. i saw him at the burt show in ktown on thursday. i'm so pissed i didn't get a pic of him.

i saw this dude who looks JUST like gentlemonkey. Maybe a wee bit thinner, and with a baseball hat, but JUST like him.

ok, that's all. oh...and the dude who knew him that i knew, looks just like mike from BNB. His name is Mike too. After the burt show in TO a couple people asked him his name "mike" "wow, that show was awesome man, really tight" "hahaha, yeah, i liked it too" it even happened at the after party. haha ok, THAT is all

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I showed up at my folks place a few weeks back and they had this newspaper clipping on their fridge. It kinda puzzled me at first... I'd never seen that photo of myself....


Too wierd.... the photo is of Eric Gagne who is the pitcher for the LA Dodgers. Same age as me too.



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At my wife's parents house, they have this newspaper clipping on the fridge. It's a somewhat provacative picture of this woman naked, with a sheet wrapped around here. At first I was wondering when the hell this picture was taken of my wife, then I read the fine print and discovered it was actually Bjork. She gets stopped fairly regularly and asked questions like is she from Iceland, is she related to bjork, etc etc... It's kinda funny... I think next time Bjork is in town we should go stand outside the venue and have an autograph signing session.

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