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Ottawa next Saturday


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Who wants to party? Hardcore/Gabber looks like the order of the day... I might do this one solo if no one is interested...

Saturday April 23, 2005 - Demolition @ Cafe Dekcuf

(((Mavericks room))):

THE COFFEE MAN (h2o prod.,Fokya Recs.)-hard/acid/hardcore *12:30-2am*

DOC SAVAGE (Synergy,Repent Tokyo)-hardstyle/nrg *23h-12:30am*

LEVEL 13 (Addictive Vinyl,UK)-finnish freeform *22h-23h*

SUPAMAN-hardstyle *20h-22h*

(((Café Dekcuf room))):

DaTa DeCaY (F.A.K)-psytrance *12:30-2am*

PSYCRONIK (F.A.K)-psytrance *23h-12:30am*

CLONE (Tundra Records)-psytrance *21h-23H*

Psykedelic visual art: F.A.K.

Audio Visual art : Weird Life & Kk eNt.

Gabber in the Capital...

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