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Hey everyone!

So, although it's already been celebrated a few times, it looks like Tuesday night will be our real last night in town. Punk would really like to be able to get together to say goodbye to everyone, so if you're available, we'll be meeting up at the Oak on the canal for drinks at 7pm on Tuesday.

Hope to see you there!


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When I moved away from the BC interior I think I had like 6 or so 'official-this is really it, leaving tommorrow' going away parties....lol...finnally one morning about a week after my last see ya party I just got up and quietly left...it aint easy leaving people and places you've grown fond of.

I for one am glad Punk and Bug aint gone yet cause I haven't known of any previous see ya later-alligater things. I also didn't know you guys were still kickin round town.

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