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Trey/Ben Harper -> SCI/Keller et. al. road trip!


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No need to travel to cleveland, unless you really want to ride that crazy coaster! The article clearly states "Major North American markets", not USA...isn't canada part of NA? I hope toronto is a 'major market' ;o)

Could be coming to toronto, maybe that's what Marky was hinting at in a recent post. I remember him suggesting something bigger than SCI coming to Ottawa.

Am I dreaming here or is anyone else reading into this the same way??

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Well, Toronto is not one of the rumoured tour dates for the Trey/Ben Harper tour (but obviously they are rumours for a reason), and the Big Summer Classic is DEFINITELY not coming to Toronto, as the website says that the dates posted are the final dates.

Hitting the Big Summer Classic in Cleveland (on a Sunday) means one day off work instead of two, and if Trey/Ben Harper indeed play Detroit on the Friday, for two days off you get two shows instead of one.

We'll see how it plays out, but with BSC tickets going on sale on Wednesday, I may play it safe and grab some good ones for Cleveland. If I get really good tickets I should be able to unload them easily if there is a better option locally.

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