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ying and yang


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A friend of mine from work gave me "The United States of Leland" to watch this evening... One word describes it---Melancholy... Anyhow, it also got me thinking about you guessed it, Ying and Yang... (If I spelled it wrong I apologize)

Well, my question for you is this... What does Ying and Yang mean to you??? How would you describe it in regards to yourself??

(Please, no cut and paste answers here, I can google too--looking for something more personal if you are interested in discussing)

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I don't necessarily agree with my statement either. The only perfect balance I'm refering to is that which stems from chinese philosophy explaining the significance of yin and yang. The Chinese believe that everything on the planet exists in a perfect balance of negative and positive energy. I'm sure what I've just said isn't entirely accurate but you get the jist.

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