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It's going to be a hot one today...


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Yeah, I'm a big fan of severe storms, too, especially thunderstorms and hailstorms. (No, I don't like it when people/property get hurt, but if a storm is non-damaging, bring it on!)

I grew up in Scarborough, within walking distance of Bluffers' Park, which is right on the lakefront. One evening a friend and I were out driving around, and ended up down at the lake. There was a lightning storm over Buffalo, and we saw cloud-to-cloud lightning, on the widest & highest stage imaginable. It was awe-inspiring.



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I think we're supposed to get a doozie of a thunderstorm up my way tomorrow. Hmmm, may have to host my 4/20 party indoors. Oh well.

A good helping of rain sure would be nice to rinse all of the sand and muck away. There's a cool spot around the corner from my house that overlooks Mt. St. Louis resort and the Moonstone Valley. It's a great spot to take photos of storms. The lights streaming up and down hwy 400 through the middle of the valley look awesome in long exposures. Maybe this year I'll be lucky enough to catch some lightning.

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