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Guest Low Roller

Interesting, yet obvious, choice. He was Pope John Paul II's "enforcer" and will probably lead the Roman Catholic church in John Paul II's vision. Also the second non-Italian pope in a row marks a definitive moment in decentralizing the papal post from Italy. If John Paul II was a fluke, then Benedict XVI is a trend.

I'm glad that he will voice his opinion in a clear and concise manner, if reports hold true. It's gonna be nice to have a person in position of power actually state his opinion without waffling and worrying about politics. Benedict XVI will most likely remind everyone soon of the Roman Catholics views on divorce, homosexuality, and contraception.

I'm still having a hard time understanding the anti-contraception ruling, but as the church's logic goes- contraception encourages promiscuity. On the other hand you have AIDS that is killing an entire continent as we speak, so what's a devout Roman Catholic to do?

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So how significant does anyone think it is that this guy was in the Hitler Youth as a child?

Characterwise, it's just a red herring, insignificant, a historical curiosity. I think it would have been hard to have been a young man in Germany at that time and not be forced into it. He seems to have gone out of his way to disassociate himself from that horrible regime, to his great credit.

The CBC reported last night in their intro to a piece that he doesn't like contraception, rock music or Buddhists.

No Beastie Boys for Benedict then!

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Wow LR, nicely put.

while I don't agree with much that B-16 has to say, I can certainly applaud a person in today's PC world who stands up and says their honest opinion. Now....claiming that that's God's opinion as well...that's a grey area, but I suppose it IS his job.

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I like the Pope

The Pope smokes dope

He'll smoke it all

From skunk to rope

Or nugs and buds

That reek of hope

I like the Pope

The Pope smokes dope.

A telescope

Reveals the Pope

Purveying evil's antidote:

The Pontiff is

No misanthrope:

He'll help you cope

He'll share his dope.

The bishops' vote

Elects a Pope

To lead the Church

And saints promote.

White puffs of smoke

Announce the bloke

Who'll sit and toke

Saint Peter's dope.

The dopin' Pope

Will take a toke

On any weed

That he can smoke

From joints or bongs

He'll hit and croak:

"I am the Pope ...

And I smoke dope."

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