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Weird Wedding

Steve from Cleveland

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I just happened to run into this link while searching some unrelated pages... Funny, the E! True Hollywood Story about this was just on a few days ago, and my friend Julia and I were watching it and talking about the whole weird situation...


You can sign the guestbook, and read what others have written... Strange...

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Oh yeah, this is the married teacher who had an affair with her 12 year old student, went to jail for 8 years for child rape, and then got out and got engaged within like 4 months... I guess you can't stop 'true' love, eh? And they have 2 kids together... Thought I'd add that because you might not know who these people are. I guess I should have linked a news stroy or something, so here:


The wedding was April 16th...

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These kids are retarded. If I was banging a hot teacher I wouldn't tell anybody and I'd black mail her with it. Give me good marks, keep my dick wet and nobody has to get hurt.


The kid probably told his buddies that he was pumpin the teacher, and one of them tried for some, when she refused, the kid went public witht he whole story...Lil Bastard, if i was the kid gettin some, i'de be sure to kick the shit outta the lil rat weasel who screwed things up for me!

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