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New Monsoon Plays May 19th in Vancouver and a call for help.


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New Monsoon will play at Richards on Richards May 19th in Vancouver. If you haven't heard them yet you owe it to yourself! Go to new monsoon.com, or dowload full shows from archive.org. This band will be touring with SCI as part of the Big Summer Classic lineup.

For those of who already love the band they could use your help. Unfortunately, at a recent Asheville NC concert the sound man and one band member were arrested in a raid of the green room inside the club. This band is so dedicated that even that did not stop the rest of the band from playing a show.

Needless to say this major cost and legal snafu is really hurting the band at a time when so many other things are finally starting to go right. For any who want to send words of support, legal tips, or referrals e-mail the band at: band@newmonsoon.com

For any who want to know more about the incident go to jambands.com there is a short article in the news sections. A defense fund has been set up as a paypal account and a link can be found at the jambands.com website(the paypal account is nmsupportfund@hotmail.com).

How about it StoneMtn can you help get the word out to those who are as into New Monsoon as you are? Help New Monsoon sell out the show in Vancouver and do anything else you can to help them continue touring and playing. Thanks in advance. . .

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I certainly plan to be at the show and I'll be bringing as many down from Whistler as I can.

I've also been telling people about this incredible example of overzealous policing and encouraging people to contribute to the defence fund. Whether what they were doing was technically legal or not, this is simply silliness. I can guarantee that a considerably more urgent crime had to have been occurring somewhere in Asheville at that very moment, with no cops in sight.

If only I were licensed to practice law in North Carolina, I'd be the first one at the courthouse with open arms to help the band out. Alas, I am but a lowly BC lawyer.

Apart from the fantastic efforts that have already been undertaken on behalf of the band, though, if anyone has any further ideas how I can assist, just contact me.

Otherwise, at the very least, EVERYONE SHOULD BUY THIS BAND'S DISCS AND MERCH AND GET OUT TO THEIR SHOWS. Not only do they jam hard and tight, but they could use the funds right now.

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Freeker I honestly don't know. I've thought about that.

The member of the band charged and the soundman might be prohibited by legislation or Court Order in North Carolina from leaving the country, but I doubt that the Canadian authorities would have a problem with it. I am only speculating about whether North Carolina would prohibit it, as I don't know American law. As far as Canada goes, though, even if our Customs did initially take objection, they could probably get permission to cross, especially as they are here to work.

So far, though, I've heard nothing to indicate that this is an issue, so it probably isn't. In all likelihood, they are simply not considered a flight risk, so no problem at the NC end, but I imagine it all comes down to the terms of their bail.

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