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CTMF lost memories.......


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Ok,so I am goin to ask this question....

(maybe my Q of the Day)

Who did I meet that I havent met before?

Sorry folks,I have snap shot memories of some people.

Bouche,Booche,Dr.Hux,Ms.Hux(I think),Mr.Musicface(loved the beer bro).....

Thats about all I can still put a face to,my apologies to those I dont seem to remember.

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Although it is rude to answer a question with a question, I have to ask the same thing.

I beleive the list starts:

Dr. Hux







Davey Boy




geez, my brain is broken, that's all I can think of

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I had the arms full of tattoos and the neck tattoo,also a ragged torn ABB tye dye at one point.I do remember a glow stick,but not much else.

I really need to buy a new camera,so that my memory will work better,agin a big thanks to my coach Nicole for making sure I remaimed vertical.

I remember somone saying somthing about staying clear of me..until they realized who I was......funny thing to hear.Usually works the other way.

I thought I remembered talking to you Ms.Hux,Bouche you also,I remember now seeing you w/ the camera and talking in the saloon...give'n'er to the sweet sweet sounds of the Dead.

I think a few cold beers may refresh my memory....maybe. [Wink]

Cheers all

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I can focus my eyes again and I seem to be remembering how to do this typing thing too (last thing I typed took me a half hour for a paragraph)

super goods to meet everyone at the Skank Camp, at first I just sorta snuck into camp and sat there smilin for a bit... I met so many people this weekend that unless I stumbled around with you for a bit I might need a couple of refreshers... bsherman was beside me sitting at Skank, I got a good look at Bouche, Booche, Ms. Hux and later Dr. Hux... Sally was pointed out to me but those damn colors had jumped into my visions again, Mr. Musicface (great beer!), at some point I think I met Groove Fetish, maybe Kitari too?, was a total suprise and a pleasure to bump into Scotty King, good work man!, definately bumped into KevO, I believe I saw a blur moving quickly that looked like very much like New Rider, Deaderaus was camped out in the outfield with us (cheers to being on Slip tour), Hamilton crew was in fine form... glad MarcO had his Frontier Town cherry broken(and all the other first timiers of which there were many), Esau, well, ha ha man! fine form! glad to hear that if some things went missing it didn't turn it all bad for ya, truly fine form... um, maybe Crystal Tears was with the Skank Camp, that guy Matty with the fire genius is a good score, Pablo Sanchez and Punk and Jay it was good to see gettin down and serious once the work of the day was done... its starting to hurt to remember so I'm stopping here [Wink]

HA... I haven't even started talking about the music... I enjoyed Mark Wilson's laid back groovin set (too bad I missed diesel Dog) nero took over my central nervous system and had me flailing about wildly... Wassabi, ha ha ha, Wassabi, never a disappointing beat, good to see the kids... caution jam in the saloon sent the night spiraling and had the crowd bounding together sweet... hiway freeker was all class and great grooves and was about the only thing that could have dragged me away from the great shade I was in... guesthouse got the jiggedy goin, The Slip - well hey, just when you think you've heard it all, kaboom and there's a whole new way to think about music... great great stuff... back to the saloon and thats were it all turns into snippets and packets of sights and sounds that all smile but I can't quite explain at this time....


if I met ya and forget, apologies, we'll meet again [smile]

hats off to Mark Wilson, the man, for making it all happen and sitting there sweating about the sound and organization while we all gave'r

whoa [Eek!]

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Yup, I met all y'all. Also meeting KevO, Paisley & Kitari stand out specifically. I also saw scottieking and heard him being introduced to others but didn't get to introduce myself before I lost track of him... at least not that I can remember. As for anybody else, brain still a bit fuzzy. I know I talked to a number of Skanks without actually realizing "who" they were! [Razz]

Best line on this phenomenon goes to paisley: "Whoa, it's like avatars come to life!" [big Grin]


Mr. M.

a.k.a. Jay from Uncle Seth

a.k.a. the guy with the beer and the harmonicas

a.k.a. oh, you wanna go booche?!? Let's go ya fucka!!!![Razz][Wink]

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Speaking of lost things... did anyone pick up my kettle that we were using around the fire over in Skank-city? It is a blue speckled colour usually, although it was basically turning black by the end of the weekend. Anyway, if anyone happened to pick that up, I'd love to know and perhaps I can get it back depending on where it is.


- M.

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Essua...I don't think we met...though if you sent a picture I could say for sure. I'm so much better with faces than names!

I do recall a few meetings vividly:

Mr. Musicface


ScottieKing (Great to see you up and partying!)


PEI Punk (and his monkey climbing abilities)

Poutie - thanks for the corn buddy!


Bsherman - we never did have our duel...

And that's where my poor name skills stop...I could go on to describe faces and clothing, but I won't. I'm sure I'll think of more as people post and memories surface!

Thanks for everything Skanks - we are a great group of hard-core pholks!

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Oh god, don't know how I forgot but PassedOutGuy definitely left an impression! His ability to defy gravity was displayed around the fire on Saturday night! I belive bouche took some shots for prosperity...haven't seen the new avatar yet!

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Hmmm....let's see if I can help

- Reddish blond hair in a ponytail all weekend

- short (5'3)

- glasses

- Had a blue glow stick on Friday and a green and purple glowing necklace on Saturday (These things were a life saver in the bathroom stalls at night. Saved you from stepping in or touching something nasty!)

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i missed the picture and was so out of comission after arriving at 3am Sunday morn and partying till 12 that i met barely any of ya. BOOOOOO for me!!

I did meet The Sloth though. Awesome meeting you bro. (being your hero and all [Wink] )

Highlights for me were #1 - C-Jam i the Saloon. #2 - the Monkey man! Who the hell was that dude. The song he sung was hilarious [big Grin][big Grin]

I have to admit that i was too drunk to even remember The Slip but i think i liked them??

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Sorry bro, I barely remember even being there for the picture.I know we met because I kept calling someone else you,now I cant' remember who it was I was thinking was you.


I am sorry we werent introduced,well I guess next time maybe.Cheers~

Thanks all for the assistance,I have regained some memory today.

I do remember also meeting The Sloth, great to meet ya bro,I think it could have been you I was calling Kev0...at my campsite I beleive?

Heres to great times and memory loss [big Grin]


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wow... what a weekend!! you canadians really know how to party, though i saw a few people with their sissy pants on (booo!). Fortunately, i left mine at the border.

it was great to finally meet some of you, though i'm having a hard time putting the names floating around in my head with the right faces. Next time i'll bring name tags for all!

hope to see y'all soon.

hugs and love for all!

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