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Scottypaluza : Create-a-caption


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Scotty from Scottypaluza had offered up passes to the festival this weekend, and since we couldn't get them on time for Yo's raffle at the Come Together Festival, he said he'll put the winner and guest on a list.

This is what we'll do. Simply, create-a-caption for this picture if you can and want to go!

How will we select a winner? We'll leave it up to the skanks...but it has to happen today so Scotty can be informed of who's going!

3way.jpg" width="500

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Perhaps this might help convince a few of you that Scottypaluza is the place to be this weekend. It is a short (approx. 3 hour) drive from Ottawa and Kingston area.

Here's the line-up...I'd go if I could.

Vince Welnick : Tom Constanten : Dark Star Orchestra (Multi-performances!!!): Max Creek : Melvin Seals and JGB : Jeff Pevar : The New Deal : Wookiefoot : Muruga Booker and GVCB : Tony Vacca : Joe Sallins : John Browns Body : Dr Didg : Michael Glabicki from Rusted Root : Jim Donovan from Rusted Root : The Zen Tricksters : Mecca Bodega : Bomb Squad with Jen Durkin : FUZZ : Gordon Stone : Snake Oil Medicine Show : Schleigho : Peter Prince & the Trauma Unit : Psychedelic Breakfast : Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey : The Rafter Bats : The Grapes : Gent Treadly (with Vince !!!) : RAQ : Juggling Suns : Electric Blue and the Kozmik Truth : Morrocan Sheep Herders : Visitor : Big Leg Emma : Rhubarb : Kevin Mac Conkey : RaisinHill : The Druids : The Electric Noodle : Lotus : Joe Sweet : Tapestry : Nomadic Design : Scarecrow Collection : Stillgreen : Sideshow Bennie : Rev Tor Band w/Tom Constanten :

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