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The Bill Hilly Band at GCTC


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From B.C.'s beautiful coast comes this group of five exceptional musicians, all sharing a common purpose: to play timeless acoustic music with a passionate flair that captivates audiences of all ages. From a melange of European stylings to the rhythms of Latin America, and from musical coast to musical coast of North America, The Bills have forged a kind of sophisticated, down-home music all their own that's being celebrated in kitchens, dance halls, festivals and theatres across North America and beyond!

Formed in 1996 by a group of already accomplished and successful Canadian musicians, the band quickly realized they had stumbled upon a unique combination of artistry, enthusiasm, and irresistible entertainment.

Since then, audiences from Copenhagen to Cortes Island have thrilled to the Bills' blend of choreographed on-stage antics and infectiously danceable music. Whether it's blistering, Brazilian mandolin melodies and the hilarious use of random objects (a mandolin solo with a candelabra?), breathtaking, virtuosic two-fiddle flights, outrageously exotic bowed banjo solos, or soulful vocal renderings of the world's most hummable melodies, The Bills are a musical and visual joy to behold.

The Bill Hilly Band's acoustic explosion is coming to town. So open your ears, put on your dancing shoes, and get ready for a joyous musical ride.

The Bill Hilly Band will be preforming Sunday, May 25th at THE GREAT CANADIAN THEATRE COMPANY in Ottawa.

910 Gladtstone St. (Corner of Preston & Gladstone)

Showtime at 8pm

Ticket Price is $20

Available at GCTC Box Office or at the Ottawa Folklore Centre

For Info call: 236-5192

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I saw the Bill Hilly Band at the Folk Festival last year ... they were way wicked cool bad ass. They opened their set while walking from the sound tent all the way to the stage, playing their instruments all the way ... particularly impressive when you consider one guy was carrying a stand up bass all the way *while* playing it. You owe it to yourself to check these guys out, they are great musicians and a lot of fun to see.

Rob Not Bob

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