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Satisfaction! Stones will play Moncton


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Times & Transcript | Metro Moncton

As published on page A1/A2 on May 6, 2005

Satisfaction at last! Stones will play Moncton

City says September show can be 'largest concert event ever in Atlantic Canada'


Times & Transcript Staff

It's true - the World's Greatest Rock'n'Roll Band will land in Moncton in early September.

Don't feel bad if, at first, you didn't believe it.

Neither did Ian Fowler back in January, when he received an e-mail from promoter Donald Tarleton of DKD Events asking if the city wanted to host a Rolling Stones show at the Magnetic Hill concert site.

The e-mail was originally sent to the premier's and mayor's offices, who then forwarded it to Fowler, the City of Moncton's director of community development.

"Although everything in the e-mail was factual and it all seemed legitimate, I thought someone was up to a hoax," said Fowler.

Fowler was finally convinced when he called the DKD offices, who confirmed that the

In other words, the Stones are likely to attract an audience about the size of the City of Moncton's entire population.

"We're on the verge of making history with the largest concert event ever in Atlantic Canada," Fowler said.

For now, details about the show are thinner than Keith Richards' ankles. Fowler confirmed the booking yesterday afternoon after DKD issued invitations to a news conference at Moncton City Hall for Tuesday. That event next week coincides with the Rolling Stones' scheduled launch in New York City of its 2005 world tour dates.

Fowler said he expects the Moncton concert date, ticket sale date, and supporting acts to be announced then.

The Rolling Stones Fan Club of Europe's website, iorr.org, suggests Sept. 3 the Saturday of the Labour Day weekend - as the Moncton tour date. However, Fowler would only say that the show is slated for early September.

The buzz is that Bryan Adams and the Tragically Hip are contenders as show openers; Santana is another name that's come up. Again, Fowler said the special guests aren't confirmed yet.

Fowler said it's also not clear whether or not a weekend music festival will be built around the Stones' show. For now, it's being billed as a one-day event.

Fowler said it's a privilege to be working with expert promoters like DKD and The Next Adventure. The Moncton show's site manager, Michael Elder, recently orchestrated the SARS Benefit Concert in Toronto in 2003 that was headlined by the Stones and saw an audience of 450,000.

While at DKD's offices in Toronto earlier this year, Fowler said Elder pointed to an aerial photograph of the SARS show audience. Then Elder put his hands around a small cluster and said, "This will be Moncton."

Throughout its tour history, The Stones have routinely busted tour attendance records, attracting audiences of over 80,000 to its largest venues, like Paris, Los Angeles, Prague and Hanover.

Fan sites are speculating that this will be the 43-year-old band's farewell tour. Drummer Charlie Watts, 64, was diagnosed with throat cancer in June 2004, but has since recovered and will continue touring with the group. Bandmate Ronnie Wood is 58 and Keith Richard, surprisingly, is only 61.

Lead singer Mick Jagger turns 62 on July 26 - though he's known as Sir Mick now, after being knighted in 2003.

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Dave-O, I think Velvet could trump me but an Ottawa Stones gig would be VISIBLE FROM MY FUCKING BALCONY!

Well, you wouldn't see the band but you can see the stadium, and the show would be a 90 second walk away. A few nights ago we were talking about running a beer funnel from our fourth floor balcony down to thirsty ravenous fans on the street. Then a physicist told me the force of the beer would probably choke someone.

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Sure you trump me Ahess, but you live in the city, I bought a house in the suberbs in Moncton f'n New Brunswick. The population of Ottawa is bigger than this entire province! It's ridiculous that they were able to line-up this concert.

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Guest Low Roller

Dave-O Proven Wrong By The Rolling Stones

Eating his words, "Needs salt" says reclusive Monctonian

So after openly mockingly the collective intelligence of his adoptive hometown, Dave-O has been forced to eat his words after the perfectly preserved rock band The Rolling Stones announced a concert in Moncton for later in September.

In response to past rumours Dave-O was quoted as saying "Unbelievable, time to put the bong down people!!". Outlashes like this were common.

The Rolling Stones, having already conquered most of the United States, Europe, Asia, and the Moon have decided to take Canada by storm with an announced show in Moncton (of all places), and a rumoured show in Ottawa. Clearly the Rolling Stones are reaching for new locations to conquer.

More on this story as it develops.

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