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ottawa chinese food/roti emergency


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hello my good people

i just got home from our multicultural variety show at the school, and i have a trunk full of chinese food and roti/chicken curry [channa?]. i tried dropping it off at a homeless shelter but nobody answered the door, and i don't want to truck it all up to my place.

if anybody sees this message tonight and ya want some food, reply or call, cause i'm ditching the stuff in the morning [by which point my car should be completely saturated with food smell]

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i thought of calling deerfield - not sure if SC is there but i thought if he was he might be sleepin.

managed to unload a bunch at 40 main but i've got some chicken i'll keep in the fridge for ya. a lot of chicken. the rest is rice stuff and noodle stuff.

and despite managing to get rid of most of it quickly, i think enough curry spilled in the trunk that my car will smell, forever.

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