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Are people familiar with this band? The only reason I know them is that I once saw them open up for Garaj Mahal. Halfway through their set I ran over to the merch table and picked up their disc, "Night of the Living Daylights". Every now and then, I throw it on and appreciate again, and remember how awesome this band is.

Here's one description of their music:

The Mercury, Santa Cruz, June 6,2002 "Not the first trio to combine danceable jam-band grooves with jazz sensibilities, but the Living Daylights is one of the best. The explosive effects of Jessica Lurie on alto and tenor sax, Arne Livingston on electric bass, and Dale Fanning on drums leaves a comforting brain fuzz around the musical perimeters of the mind, a mind that will surely tell the body to misbehave on the dance floor....this is the kind of show that would gladden any music lover, especially thos keen to the lOunge Lizards, Medeski, Martin, and Wood and Eastern European music." - Bruce Wiley

Anyway, this is a seriously high-quality, talented band that more people should know about; unless they are better known than I think.

Check out their website here. At the very least, you'll dig their cool Flash Animation intro.

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Yeah, the Living Daylights are pretty good. They actually toured with The Slip, which I believe were almost like seamless set shows, billed under the name The Slipping Daylights... Last I heard they had broken up, and Jessica Lurie had formed the Jessica Lurie Ensemble... (although they might have reformed this year). Arne Livingston is a ridiculous bass player, I recommend checking out the Living Daylights for his playing alone...

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