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Going to New York on Friday ... help please.


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I am going to Trey in New York on Friday the 13th (Muh ahahhaa ha).

I need some info on a place to stay and how to avoid hving to drive anywhere when I get there.

Looking for out of town camping or any other ideas on reasonable hotels with secure parking in the city.



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Out of town camping (30 miles north)= Harriman State Park- off NY Rt 17.

Its not on a public transit route for commute but is a pretty and inexpensive night's sleep before you arrive.

I used to find Southgate Towers on 7th near the Garden reasonable. Use your hotel for secure parking without additional costs.If they charge it will be cheaper than other parking.

There's no reason to use your car. You use the subway. If you feel you need a taxi no problem. My only advice is NEVER take a cab crosstown during business hours. Its just as quick to walk and you won't pay for time in gridlock.

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There's one "gotcha" when using the subway in NYC: often, the entrance/staircase you use to get up to street level will not work to get back to the subway for the return trip. In Toronto, you can go in any entrance to a subway station, and even go from one platform to the other without leaving and having to pay another fare, but not in NYC, as there often isn't a way to get to the other platform if you end up on the wrong one.

The entrances/staircases are labelled with the trains that run through, and their directions, and the one for the return trip will usually be across a/the street.

Also, NYC is laid out similar to Toronto, in that there's a dividing line down the middle of Manhattan, and streets that cross it are "Whatever St. East" or "Whatever St. West" on the East or West side of the line, which is 5th Avenue. As with Toronto and Yonge St., the numbering of the East/West streets starts at 5th Ave.

Get yourself a transit map (or tourist map, or both) when you get there, be careful and plan your travels, and you should be OK.



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off soho suites (cheap because you can fit lots of people in one room)

the milford plaza (nice hote, cheap parking, in midtown)

but priceline is the cheapest way to stay in the city!

the ramada in Jersey City (it's half a block away for the subway into the city.)

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