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Bill Frisell & The Unspeakable Orchestra Chicago


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Hi All,

I had the wonderful chance of catching Mr. Bill Frisell & The Unspeakable Orchestra in Chicago on Friday night with my good friend and roomie Taul Paul and some other fine folks local to the are. It was and amazing time spent with music and it being only one of two shows the Unspeakable Orchestra were doing, I was stoked! And if you've heard the 2005 album; Unspeakable you'd understand why.

The Bad Plus open and although we arrived a little late, they were really diappointing. The sound for them was quite poor and it seemed like they were lost. I did only catch 3 of their tunes, but they were entirly jumbled...and I am a fan of their album.

Bill Frisell is a GOD. Such a tasty player with a warm heart. The show consisted of a few tunes from Unspeakable, a couople others I recognized and a few fresh ones. After he made his way back for the encore, her gave a little speach about the troubled times the world is facing right now and how it was saddening to him. He said he was going to play a protest song for us. What followed was the most beautiful and brilliant rendition of Burt Baccarat's: What The Woeld Needs Now is Love. It was an unbelievable night of music...WHAT A TREAT!!!

Gawpo Giggles :):):)

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