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new sco disc!!!

mikey d

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I just picked it up. 18.99 at HMV. I was happy to pay it after passing it over for 25.99 at Sunrise. I heard one track in my car on the way back to work: It sounds good and funky. I'm looking forward to the ride home. Now if only I could drink Guiness while I drive.

I also picked up Dylan & The Dead for 7.99 at MusicWorld. That's a sin.

I grabbed the latest ABB CD as well. I heard a few tracks on the way back to work: I wasn't very impressed so far. [Frown]

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I just listened to Up All Night for the first time. I wasn't crazy about the first couple of tracks... but my head was bopping by the end of the album! Good stuff.

I saw the Scofield band preview some of these tracks live in Chicago last fall... it's gonna be a good tour!

June 27 Vancouver

July 20 Ottawa

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