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Sat. May 14 - TURVEY - Music in the Moment


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Join us for an evening of splendid tunes. Jazz, Reggae, Funk, Experimental. This will be a good one, don't miss it. I have mustered up some of the areas finest for this.

Tim Turvey - Drums

Geoff Hilhorst - Piano

Kevin Williams - Trempet & Flugel Horn

Dexter LaFoucade - Bass

Joel Banks - Bass

Nick Bastian - Guitar

Jonny Kerr - Percussion

There will be others who will sit in for a few tunes as well.

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Once again, overwhelming interest in this post has led me to a state of confusion. Being that so many members of cavern are intrigued, I must advise that not all of you show up due to the capasity of the club, you just wont fit. There will be room for the adamant!

perhaps I will see you there

good time guaranteed!

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If this is a community, I'm being ostracized.

Perhaps a diagram on how to fit in would help me out!

Like live music? I play live music.

Enjoy a departure from the usual? I can provide, every show is different.

Enjoy being friendly & expanding one acquaintances?

I'll be friends!

I like Mark Tonin, you guys all like Mark Tonin right? See we have common ground!

Please insert suggestions on fitting in here

thank you


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I like Mark Tonin too! And Tim Turvey!

Don't take it personally, Tim ... I think it's just a matter of lots and lots going on. Some day, hopefully sooner rather than later, I will make it out to one of these Music in the Moment shows, as the idea sounds like an excellent one, and I'm sure that the music is great.

Peace, Mark

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