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Last Night @ The Orbit Room


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Holy fahk, what can you say after a night like last night????

I always say that you're guaranteed an amazing night of music and on some nights, an extraordinary evening...

Kinda one of those last night. The sun brought out many as the room was filled and like every group, The Sisters feed off of that energy.

From the first tune "Poor Ray/Dominic Troiano" it was obvious that they were going to, for the lack of a better word, "GIVE'R"....and GIVE'R they did.

Finishing off the last set with, I still can't fahkin believe it, PURPLE RAIN, and the first time they played it. Man oh Freakin' man, everything from the drums to the bass to the smokin' organ to Kevin tweaking out those notes....

All I can say is that the O-town kiddies are in for a real treat on June 10.

For those of you who want to hear "Purple Rain", follow the link below, scroll down and click on the picture of The Sisters Euclid to hear the mp3 from last night. I wish I had time to upload the whole show as it was just through the roof....


Cannot wait to see what they pull out of the book next week...

Until Then...

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Has anybody talked to Breit about approving uploads to archive.org? Assuming I tape the June 10 show, I'm wondering what I'll be able to do with the recordings, aside from trade with people; being able to upload it makes things a lot better for me, IMO.



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Hey Can O' Phish... that was some solid playing indeed.. now that the weather's nice again I agree the Orbit Room will be bustling. Do you know if start times are going to stay early through the summer? Kevin was a maniac on Monday - loved it.

Besides the Band & Prince, has he played anything else from the book? Any idea what other treats are in there? :)

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Hey M,

I'm pretty sure start times will be the same. They tried to start playing earlier, but as the place doesn't really start to fill up until 10-ish, they seem to have gone back to the 10:30 start time...

Last week they played "It Makes No Difference" and the week before "The Weight". So the change up with the Prince tune hopefully indicates that "anything goes"....

Maniac, yah, to say the least...That was a sweet Manic Monday for sure...

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